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The event dome at Holiday Inn Warszawa Józefów

The spherical dome-tent (515m2, 25m diameter and 12,5 m height) is the largest object of this type in Central Poland. Contrasting with the green environment, the white dome with transparent front face give an extraordinary visual effect.


The property is available throughout the whole year and on request may be air conditioned or heated. It is equipped with the professional floor system, led-traverse lighting, with assurance on the demand for power of 16, 32 or 64 amps electric system and a separate 50m2 technical room.

Available setups:

Standing: 980 persons

Theatre seating: 600 persons

Seated tables: 440 persons

Standing buffet: 510 persons

The tent is one of the new investments in 2017 at Holiday Inn Józefów, among others such as the Tesla Destination Charging Station for electric vehicles or general refurbishment of the building and its facilities.